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How to Use Lambda Layer for Nodejs NPM Modules

Introduction: Unpacking the Magic of Lambda Layers Hey developers, welcome to AWS Lambda Layers. Today, we’re going to figure out how to add Node.js modules to Lambda Layer. If you’re worried about what AWS Lambda Layers are, then don’t worry… Continue Reading →

Sending Emails Notification with AWS SNS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Today, let’s see a simple yet useful AWS service and how we can use it to send emails.  What is AWS SNS? Or Simple Notification Service?This is to send and receive notifications to and from the receiver. SNS follows… Continue Reading →

Generate And Download the Code Analysis Report in the SonarQube Community Edition

Introduction The very first question to be answered is “What is SonarQube?”. Well, SonarQube is a powerful platform for continuous inspection of code quality, providing developers and teams with valuable insights into their codebase. One essential feature of SonarQube is… Continue Reading →

How to Implement Gemini AI Model in Golang: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Using Gemini “Google’s Most capable AI model” with Golang Google recently launched its AI Model to beat every other LLM model. We saw many amazing videos showing the mind-blowing capabilities of the Google Gemini AI. Google has launched its Google… Continue Reading →

How to Fortify Your Docker Container: A Deep Insight on Container Security

Introduction In June 2017, a cyber storm named NotPetya shook the digital world, using Docker containers to wreak havoc globally. Think of it like a sneaky villain—posing as ransomware but with a twist. It encrypted files and messed with systems… Continue Reading →

How to Programmatically add Charts and Graphs in Excel Sheets in React

Hi Devs! Adding graphs in an Excel sheet seemed to be an easy task until we started searching for a way to do it in React. We wanted a functionality where we get the report along with the other data… Continue Reading →

Monitor AWS Resources using NewRelic

Introduction In the fast-paced world of technology, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of applications is crucial for businesses. This blog post aims to delve into the features and capabilities of New Relic and integrate it with AWS, shedding light on… Continue Reading →

Monitor AWS Resources using Datadog

Introduction As organizations increasingly migrate to the cloud, the need for robust Datadog monitoring and analytics becomes paramount. This is where Datadog, a leading cloud monitoring and observability platform, comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore exactly what… Continue Reading →

How to Run Cron Jobs using AWS EventBridge and Lambda?

Introduction In this guide, we will explore the seamless integration of AWS Eventbridge and Lambda to create a robust and serverless solution for running AWS cron jobs.  Whether it’s daily data backup, data processing, start/stop servers, or scheduled task operations,… Continue Reading →

Disaster Recovery: The Real Dr. Of Unavoidable Outages!

Ever got stuck in a payment gateway processing? Did you feel your heartbeat getting faster and that you might lose your hard-earned money? We’ve all been there, mate! We remember a scene when we were purchasing a phone from Flipkart… Continue Reading →

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