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How to Add Two Factor Authentication in AWS EC2 for SSH Using Duo

Security is one of the prominent aspects of Digital Infrastructure.Keeping this in mind, Two Factor Authentication has been developed to add an extra layer of security at the cloud services level. Here, we are going to elaborate on how we… Continue Reading →

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Monitoring AWS Resources with Prometheus and Grafana

If you end up here, you might ask, “What are Prometheus and Grafana?” or “How can Grafana and Prometheus be used to monitor AWS resources?” or “What is the difference between Prometheus and Grafana?”, and a lot more. Introduction Monitoring… Continue Reading →

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Prometheus on AWS EC2

One of the most widely used tools for monitoring resources is Prometheus. Let’s see how to set it up on AWS EC2 and how the Prometheus architecture would look like. Introduction Prometheus software is a monitoring solution that is responsible… Continue Reading →

Installing Jenkins on AWS EC2

Automating your CI/CD pipeline can be tricky sometimes, but not anymore. Here’s a detailed installation of one of the famous automation tools Jenkins to AWS EC2. Introduction to Jenkins Jenkins is one of the most powerful and famous servers/tools for… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Region Access Points (MRAP)

What are Multi-Region Access Points? Multi-Region Access Points are an innovative feature offered by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). They allow businesses to create a single access point name that spans multiple AWS regions. In simpler terms,… Continue Reading →

Optimizing Amazon ECS: Configuring AWS ECS with Security Best Practices

INTRODUCTION ECS is a managed container orchestration service on AWS that helps us easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. It’s quite popular due to its comparative ease of setup and operation. If you want to read more about ECS… Continue Reading →

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