Installing Jenkins on AWS EC2

Automating your CI/CD pipeline can be tricky sometimes, but not anymore. Here’s a detailed installation of one of the famous automation tools

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The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Region Access Points (MRAP)

What are Multi-Region Access Points? Multi-Region Access Points are an innovative feature offered by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services

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Deploying Node-App on AWS ECS Fargate

Optimizing Amazon ECS: Configuring AWS ECS with Security Best Practices

INTRODUCTION ECS is a managed container orchestration service on AWS that helps us easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications.

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How To Import Existing AWS Resources Into Terraform

How To Import Existing AWS Resources Into Terraform?

What is Terraform? Terraform is a powerful tool that allows you to define and manage your cloud resources using code.  But what if you already

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A Deep Dive into CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Still confused about what CI/CD + CD is?  Not anymore; this blog covers it all with an example of GitHub Actions and Node.js. In the world of

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