Devops as a service

In the legacy Software Delivery Lifecycle Model such as the Waterfall model, there used to be a huge gap between the Developers who are writing the code and the operations team who are deploying the application to the computing platform. Now, because of this gap, the entire Software Delivery was a hugely time-consuming process.

Built on top of Agile,  DevOps is a methodology where both the Development and Operations team can work in collaboration which results in the continuous delivery of the Software. It’s a new way of working, a cultural shift, that has significant implications for teams and the organization.

Dealing with such change isn’t just helpful but is at times difficult too, this when CloudZenia comes in,

We at CloudZenia provide end-to-end DevOps consulting services that help you leverage automated and connected development, deployment, containerization, and testing at any stage of your development lifecycle. We help you automate your entire delivery pipeline for enhanced efficiency, faster time-to-market delivery, and cost reduction.

Our DevOps team does a comprehensive assessment of your environment and business goals. With our collaborative approach and top-class automation, we give guidance to your development and operations team throughout the process. With our knowledge and years of experience in resolving organizational issues, we are committed to delivering custom solutions.

We have developed a unique approach focusing on the following areas:

1.   Complete analysis of your requirements, challenges, and business goals.
2.      Identification of pain points and blueprint development.
3.      Finalizing a custom strategic plan.
4.      Gather feedback and optimization.
5.      Continuous upgrades, feedback, and support.

Get in touch with us now to access this unique approach and schedule DevOps consulting and experience, and see the difference we bring to your organization!


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