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IT companies annually bracket over millions of cloud projects, allocating millions of revenue. The CloudZenia Reward Program (CRP) has been constructed to encourage partnering with CloudZenia to broaden the scope of AWS and establish it as the designated choice for cloud computing.

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Who is this program for?

Empower and exponentially grow the power of AWS through cloud adoption.

it companies

IT Companies

Partnering with CRP, sharpen your competitive edge in the industry and optimize your operations cost and efficiency. Develop results and revenue at a faster, more effective and exponential level with AWS deployment.

software vendor

Independent Software Vendors

With CRP, independent vendors can enhance their customer satisfaction and boost revenue with reduced costs, increased proficiency and upgraded market stance, through AWS's efficient cloud solutions.



Increased earnings without increased workload, CRP empowers freelancers to enhance their services and customer satisfaction by utilizing proactive AWS cloud services and generating surplus revenues.

An All-Time Win-Win Partnership

Let's unlock, build and grow our potential together!

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Amazon Web Services

Through strategic and effective collaborations, AWS broadens its cloud innovations' scope, height and stance, cementing itself as the pioneer of the cloud-driven business era.

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Every partner-led AWS project with CloudZenia is rewarded for fueling the growth of cloud innovations, bringing tremendous changes in the cloud market demands and trends.

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You enhance your business stance, growth and revenue by utilizing AWS for extreme customer satisfaction and receiving monetized rewards from CloudZenia for every AWS launch.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open for all IT companies, independent vendors and freelancers that wish to utilize their cloud computing knowledge, provided that their clients and projects meet the eligibility requirements established in this program.

customer type

Client Type

The program upholds a spectrum of clients, mostly those in the early stages of AWS cloud solutions adoption, ranging from startups, small to medium-sized businesses, independent software vendors and large-scale enterprises.

project type

Project Type

The CRP only accepts projects that anticipate a probability of producing an annual spend of more than $500, ensuring a wide range of projects that leverage the program rewards and showcase a commitment to AWS service offerings.

How does CRP work?

Partner with CloudZenia's reward program and elevate your business in its AWS cloud adoption with our end-to-end support in your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get an overview and perfected guidelines over CRP with these frequently asked questions to help prepare you to be a successful CloudZenia partner.

The program only requires basic information to align you with the project requirements, there are no detailed or specific credentials required to register.
Once your projects have been reviewed and approved, the cash incentives will be paid out within 45 days after the closing quarter of the project. For more insights into the cash rewards timeline and structure, please reach out to our team at [email protected].
CloudZenia has no cap or limit over the number of projects one wishes to submit in the program, you can choose any number of projects you wish to and are eligible for.
We offer a real-live time dashboard on the CRP portal where you can monitor the progress of your submitted project at any time.
The projects are accessed based on the deployment of AWS, adherence to the AWS practices, and anticipated project service spend consumption.
The rewards are calculated based on the scope and scale of the approved projects.

Partner with Us For Innovation

Join CloudZenia as a partner by registering in the CloudZenia Reward Program and discover a world of innovation, substantial monetary rewards, and collaborative and comprehensive growth and customer satisfaction.