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v500 Systems is an AI-first company specializing in knowledge management. They offer additional services such as translations, OCR, summarization, and industry-first document question-answering systems, which not only provide answers to customer queries but also pinpoint the source of truth within the document, drastically reducing the time spent on sifting through documents for legal and insurance companies.


Legal, Finance, Information Technology


Enterprise RAG architecture, Custom AI solutions for Document Comparisons, Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud Security.


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Their cloud-native technology leverages AI to manage, retrieve, and compare documents at scale, saving customers significant time and resources.

v500 Systems is an AI-driven knowledge management platform, It significantly reduces time for extracting critical information and insights from documents at scale. This platform ensures information availability at fingertips for custom data.

Business Requirements: As a pioneer in AI-driven knowledge management, v500 Systems required a comprehensive solution from development to deployment of scalable AI solutions, along with infrastructure management. CloudZenia supported them with the development of custom AI solutions, and deployment on AWS, and currently oversees their infrastructure.

v500 challenges


The project began with the need to transform a conceptual idea into a tangible product, facing several primary challenges: converting the idea into detailed visuals and wireframes for development, identifying necessary technologies and infrastructure for a scalable system, ensuring stringent security standards and regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO), managing infrastructure costs effectively for AI-intensive systems, maintaining high availability and stability for critical information storage, and addressing AI-specific challenges like hallucinations to ensure accuracy and precision.

The Solution

Our multidisciplinary teams (development, cloud, AI, R&D) collaborated seamlessly to deliver an innovative product for v500 Systems.

AWS Solutions and Infrastructure: We implemented serverless document processing pipelines using AWS Lambda for OCR and translations, optimizing costs and streamlining the backend.

Utilizing AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), we achieved a robust architecture with efficient failover and auto-scaling capabilities. Blue-green deployment on AWS was employed for zero downtime during feature releases, while AWS CloudFront was leveraged for fast content delivery across global edge locations. Secure communication channels were established through AWS VPC peering.


Security and Monitoring: To ensure security, we implemented AWS Config, AWS GuardRails, and AWS Security Hub. Custom LLM was hosted on suitable AWS EC2 instances for scalable performance. We also set up infrastructure and application log monitoring with AWS CloudWatch for real-time anomaly detection and alerting, ensuring the system's security and reliability.

AI Research and Model Development: We utilized extensive AI and NLP research to become early adopters of the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Our team fine-tuned and compressed models for cost-effective and fast inference, developing specific models for summarization, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and question answering. To enhance the summarization and question-answering capabilities, we researched context-length extrapolation.

AI Precision and Optimization: To ensure high precision, we implemented SELF-RAG to minimize AI hallucinations. These efforts resulted in highly accurate and efficient AI processes, enabling advanced document management and knowledge extraction for v500 Systems.


Development Methodologies: We followed Test-Driven Development (TDD) to ensure robust and scalable application development. This approach allowed us to ensure high-quality code.

Programming Standards: Adhering to SOLID principles, clean architecture, and design patterns, we created a stable and extensible application. These programming standards provided a strong foundation for the development process, resulting in a maintainable and efficient system for v500 Systems.

The Results

Through our collaboration with v500 Systems, we successfully transformed an idea into a groundbreaking product. The AI-based document management system now allows organizations to manage documents efficiently, access knowledge through simple queries, and automate workflows. The system has led to a 35% reduction in time and a 20% reduction in human resources for information retrieval and document comparison.

v500 Systems has experienced significant growth and received positive feedback from customers, reinforcing the value of our innovative solutions. We continue to work closely with v500 Systems to meet evolving user needs and add new features cost-effectively.

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