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LinkMe is a social networking application that works on a global stage and has attained viral popularity by consolidating all the contact information, social media profiles, and URLs of a user to create a unique QR and link that customers can use to elevate their networking, as well as providing marketers with a large-scale platform to advertise to their customers effectively.


Social Networking Platform


Container Orchestration, Infrastructure & DevOps Setup from Scratch, OpenSearch Integration, Logging and Monitoring, Ongoing Support.


Serverless, AWS ECS, S3, Cloudfront, OpenSearch, SQS, ELB, NodeJS, Mysql, New Relic.


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LinkMe is a social networking platform designed to facilitate easier and more effective networking by consolidating all of a user's social media profiles and links into one place.

LinkMe aims to simplify how people connect and share online, making it a valuable tool for networking, content creation, and personal branding.

This platform enables users to share messages, images, and videos globally, offering a streamlined way to grow one's business or personal brand.

Business Requirements: Leveraging their innovative concept for connecting individuals and capitalizing on LinkMe's team's exceptional marketing tactics, there was a high level of confidence in attracting substantial traffic to their platform. To support this anticipated influx, they sought a solution on AWS that should be secure, scalable, and cost-efficient for their application backend, capable of managing the significant volume of user traffic expected.

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From the beginning LinkMe want to have an agile focused workflow which can help developer to develop faster and launch to the market. With their confident marketing strategies, They were focused on designing the infrastructure which can sustain a great load. At the same time they want to have system completely secure and cost optimised.

LinkMe's entire team is mostly remote and they work 24/7. They needed a system which should be self healing, proactively altering, well configured with logging and monitoring.

The Solution

Containerized Microservices: LinkMe backend is build up of many microservices which are hosted on ECS. ECS is configured with many public and private load balancer which enables them to scale up and down according to the load on backend.

Mysql Arora Database: RDS Arora with mysql is being used with few other databases. It is configured in such a way that read and write load can be scaled up and down.


OpenSearch: Opensearch is integrated for the search capabilities on the feed for users.

CI-CD Implementation: LinkMe wants to have a agile system for the development which means, developers should develop and send to production with any issue. CI/CD allowed for zero downtime deployments for backend changes.

Cost Optimization: While developing the application and building the infrastructure, we made cost optimization our highest priority. The cost of running these new microservices was less than that of running two large EC2 instances.

Enhanced Security: Dealing with real money applications always comes with great responsibility for security. We take security very seriously. The infrastructure developed by us was highly secure, with tight access management, logging, secrets management, and more.

Logging, Monitoring & Alerting: The company is developing many games simultaneously, so the implementation of AWS SSO and AWS Organizations allowed for better account management for both POC and production projects.


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