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Ludo Empire is a real-money gaming application, made for recreational purposes, providing gamers across India the chance to experience traditional Ludo as well as several other variations of Ludo game modes, on an online platform. The game is RNG certified, specifying its randomness and unpredictability, deligating the chance of winning on the players' skills.




Event Driven Backend Development, Infrastructure & DevOps Modernisation, Containerisation, Enhanced AWS Organisation.


AWS ECS, ElastiCache, SQS, ELB, NodeJs, MongoDB, Prometheus.


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Ludo Empire is India's leading real money board game, with more than 100M userbase and multiple game modes. This diversity ensures that players have various ways to engage with the game, catering to different preferences and playstyles.

It is an ISO-certified, safe and secure platform for real-money Ludo gaming that is skill-based and requires a flair for gaming and strategy.

Business Needs: At the time of its launch, Ludo Empire was one of the first movers in the Real Money Gaming market. They were looking for a complete solution from development to deployment, alongside infrastructure management. CloudZenia assisted them with the development and deployment to AWS and currently manages their infrastructure.

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Ludo Empire was initially developed as a monolithic application and used to run on a single EC2 instance. With great marketing strategies, Ludo Empire outnumbered many real-money applications in India in a very short time. They started receiving huge traffic, and the monolithic application running on a single EC2 instance became problematic.

To tackle these challenges, Ludo Empire sought CloudZenia's help to improve the resilience and scalability of its infrastructure while optimizing costs.

The Solution

Event-Driven Micro-Services Development: We developed the backend as an event-driven architecture and broke down the monolith into microservices. This allowed for better resource management for each component and enabled us to scale all microservices independently.

Containerizations: Containerizing each microservice and hosting them on ECS enabled us to achieve better scalability with less complexity. It also helped to establish a more efficient CI/CD pipeline.


CI-CD Implementation: Making application changes with zero downtime was crucial for the company, as putting the game on maintenance would result in the loss of customers. Implementing CI/CD allowed for zero downtime deployments for backend changes.

Cost Optimisation: While developing the application and building the infrastructure, we made cost optimization our highest priority. The cost of running these new microservices was less than that of running two large EC2 instances.

Enhanced Security: Dealing with real money applications always comes with great responsibility for security. We take security very seriously. The infrastructure developed by us was highly secure, with tight access management, logging, secrets management, and more.

AWS Organization: The company is developing many games simultaneously, so the implementation of AWS SSO and AWS Organizations allowed for better account management for both POC and production projects.


The Results

These benefits collectively contribute to a more agile, responsive IT team that aligns with broader business objectives, offering significant cost reductions and enabling faster delivery of new products and services. Adopting DevOps and Cloud services can be a major differentiator for businesses in a competitive landscape, ensuring they remain innovative and efficient in their operations.

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