We have had the privilege of working with and successfully guiding some amazing clients in their cloud journey.

Our Works

At CloudZenia, our team comprises multiple certified AWS experts with years of experience, who ensure all our cloud services and practices are performed at the highest level, providing the best towards unlocking our clients' potential with the utmost precision and care. Discover how we have helped multiple businesses over the globe into their cloud adoption journey, with various solutions going from cloud migration to cost optimization.

v500 Systems For Efficient Information Extraction

As ideated to build a platform for consolidating and extracting crucial information and insights from custom data and documents with easy accessibility and better efficiency in knowledge management, v500 Systems consulted CloudZenia for its development to build up a scalable AI-driven knowledge management platform.

case study linkme
case study ludo empire

Ludo Empire For Real Fun With Real Cash At All Times

As one of India's leading real money gaming apps, Ludo Empire attained a huge load on its server, as such, running a monolithic application on a single EC2 instance became problematic. CloudZenia applied several techniques, such as micro-services development, containerization, and more to solve this challenge.


LinkMe To Bridge Your Profiles and Elevate Your Networking

With the basis of consolidating all of a user's social profiles and links in one place, LinkMe anticipated an influx of server load. By consulting CloudZenia, they sought a solution to create a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient backend capable of managing significant anticipated traffic.

case study linkme
ocr tools

OCR Tool For Mass Invoice Processing and Better Efficiency

Developed by CloudZenia for an invoice processing business to help them process their data, in its raw form, with better efficiency and understandability by developing an organized dashboard. The OCR tool was built using Python, AWS Textract, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, and more.


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