Just like the generations keep going on, in the computing world, when a hardware or software even though outdated is still in use, it is considered “legacy”.

Legacy products and services are usually not efficient or secure as compared to more up-to-date solutions. Businesses running legacy systems are in danger of falling behind their competitors in terms of technology and innovation and also face an increased risk of data breaches.

Moving on to the legacy infrastructure, it may become unreliable, may run slowly, or even no longer be supported by the original vendor. For example, Windows XP is a legacy operating system, but Microsoft no longer supports the OS by releasing patches or updates for it. 

Companies that rely on on-premises legacy infrastructure are unable to experience the benefits of cloud computing. Now, because of these reasons, it’s high time that organizations are realizing the need to migrate their workloads to the cloud, and many have already realized the several benefits they get once they are on the cloud.

Whether you are 100% on-prem or hybrid, chances are you are looking for a cloud platform that can support data transparency, security, and application development for internal stakeholders and external clients.

Here comes CloudZenia,

CloudZenia can help you realize your cloud transformation with expert migration and management services. We have a rich history of migrating complex workloads from on-prem to AWS, Azure, and GCP and multi-cloud environments with a full suite of management and consulting services.

During the entire process, we’ll do so with proper testing and strategy to ensure your data and infrastructure remain intact and robust. We are a team of very experienced Cloud and DevOps engineers who have demonstrated a vast history of working in this space.

Just take the burden off of your shoulder and count on the experts at CloudZenia to start and support your cloud migration journey!


Ready to Dive in Cloud Journey

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